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After agent failure a new event is detected instead of recognizing it as ongoing

Started by Ester, 14 Mar 2023 10:01:24 AM

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Hi all

We're trying to solve the following situation: an agent is checking every few minutes whether a new event has occured an if so, jobs are started. Every now and then this agent check is failing. In the next check, an ongoing event is seen as a new event, again triggering the jobs which should not be triggered. We have a CPU limitation for licensing and we assume the check fails when there are so many things running on the server that a new check starts before the previous one has ended. Our users want the jobs to start a soon an possible so increasing the time between the checks is something we want to avoid. Also the priority of this event is already the highest. Any other ideas on how to overcome this?

The error message of the event is CNC-ASV-0025 Agent Condition invalid: CNC-MON-0035 Invalid request.
The transient says CM-REQ-4023 You cannot create an object at the location "/Transient/...".CM-REQ-4164 The search expression did not select a parent object.
RSV-DST-0014 Unable to deliver the output of the report. See the run history details for more information. Ensure that the required services are started. Ensure that the user account is configured to distribute the output in the requested manner.

Many thanks