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Scheduling should not work at Holidays

Started by chinnucognos, 18 Aug 2016 04:01:43 AM

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Hello Gurus,

There are some Daily Scheduling reports which will work on all Business days.
I have a peculiar requirement from clients that these reports should not schedule on Non Business days i.e public days or Holidays.
Is there a way to do this.
Please give your valuable solution on this whether this is possible or not.

Thanks in Advance
Deal with it!


In your data source(s), do you have any field that will give you holiday dates? If so, that could be done via event studio.

If not, then a trigger file an option.


Thank you so much hespora.
As there is no such field which give Holiday dates in datasource.
So I need to go for trigger file option, if possible can you give complete trigger file solution on how to achieve this functionality.

Deal with it!