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Framework Manager 11.2.x - IE dependent still??

Started by gohabsgo, 07 Aug 2023 10:21:29 AM

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Hey Gents,
Needing to update one of our FM models post IE sunset and lo and behold FM 11.2.1 still requires IE when you use it?  When I login I get the Your Browser is not Compatible.  Our company has totally sunset IE.

Surely we're not the first/only user to hit this?  How are we supposed to use FM?

Thanks for any advice out there



I didn't use FM 11.2 but have used till 11.1.7 and I have never needed to use IE for FM. It does require configuration of portal so that it can publish packages but nothing to do with IE. What exactly do you mean?


Thanks for the reply cognostechie,
It looks like we're hitting this issue here but in our case our uri's all match.


I say it's some kind of behind the scenes dependence on IE for the FM login because it's the very same screen that you are presented with when you launch cognos itself in later versions in IE and not in another browser.  You get that same error.


If I'm remembering correctly I saw an article from IBM that 11.1.7 is the last release that supports IE.  Any version past that is no bueno.