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Activating legacy tools (Analysis Studio and Query Studio) in Cognos 11 upwards

Started by mk30430, 03 Oct 2023 08:33:01 AM

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Hey together,

as from Cognos 11 onwards the legacy tools "Analysis Studio" and "Query Studio" are only supported with IE and Firefox.

But many customers/companies use other browsers e.g. Chrome or Edge.


Cognos technically checks which browser (User Agent) is used and denies these tools (e.g. hides them).

But these tools work perfectly with Chrome and Edge. It's just not officially supported.

The last version to include these legacy tools is 11.2.4 !

So for everyone still wanting to use these tools I found following solution:


In Edge you can activate the "IE compatibility mode" and everything works fine.

But I struggled a lot with Chrome. But know I found the switch to enable it:

AnalysisStudio: {
                    icon: "common-analysis_studio",
                    capability: "canUseAnalysisStudio",
                    browsers: ["ie", "ff"]

  • add "chrome" to the list of browsers:
AnalysisStudio: {
                    icon: "common-analysis_studio",
                    capability: "canUseAnalysisStudio",
                    browsers: ["ie", "ff", "chrome"]

You don't have to restart the cognos service.

Just open your browser and navigate to Cognos.

Maybe you have to clear your cache in the browser.

That's it.


Thanks for sharing.

This is your 1st post and you are contributing instead of asking for help. Awesome!

Rob Lightbody

Thank you for this.

Such a simple solution, worked perfectly.

Best ever first post.


Sorry to resurrect this thread, but does this hack work with versions beyond 11.2.4 even?


Quote from: gohabsgo on 23 May 2024 10:33:56 AMSorry to resurrect this thread, but does this hack work with versions beyond 11.2.4 even?


This isn't going to work in any version beyond 11.2.4. For the 12.0.0 release, IBM removed Analysis Studio, Query Studio and Cognos Workspace from the product.