Author Topic: Problem with security on Cognos 6.6  (Read 2537 times)

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Problem with security on Cognos 6.6
« on: 24 Apr 2008 03:07:45 am »

I have a problem with Netscape LDAP.
With Access Manager security i dont have a possibility to access to anything, Cube Powerplay, transformer model, upfront,etc

Can I disable the security defined with access manager on LDAP Netscape on Powerplay and transformer.
This action make me the possibility to reinstall the LDAP server and to redefine the security.

When i open a configuration file on access manager, the connexion defined is failed and i don't have the new value of parameters to define a new setup.

My priority is to disable the old configuration and use the cube with no security.

Thnk you for your help.