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[C8.1MR2] ERR-MSG: PRS-PRO-0511 - meaning?

Started by raro, 28 Apr 2008 11:01:48 AM

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nnn.nnn.nnn.125:9080   28331   2008-04-28 06:59:45.758   +1               Thread-86   xts   2916   2   Audit.ps.xts   StartService   PresentationService      Success   PRS-PRO-0511 A partial reinitialization of the XTS processor is required.

Anybody knows the meaning of this error message?

Most commonly it appears near this one:
PRS-PRO-0510 A full reinitialization of the XTS processor is required.

Thanks for your hints in advance!


Have you modified the /templates/ps/portal/system.xml at all?  I've seen that happen with you modify that file without using a proper xml editor.


Yes, we changed templates/ps/portal/system.xml about a year ago.

The error PRS-PRO-0511 did not appear before. All other development, test
and stageing systems are running smoth. The xml-files are deployed via
shell-script from a system-wide-archiv.

So i suppose the xml is ok.

How would you check if the xml-file is proper or unproper?


I guess you don't have the original system.xml that you can drop back in to test with?


PRS-PRO-0511 error is usually related to issue with Cryptographic keys( Expired) . Regeneration of keys solves this issue.

Replying to an old thread as it may help someone.