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How to use architect packages in framework manager

Started by dilforyou, 29 May 2008 04:03:53 AM

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I know this is a very late reply but replying never-the-less as it might help others members who might be looking for the same info.

Architect model (.cem) file cannot be opened in an FM directly. It has converted to an xml and then have to be opened.

For converting .cem file to an xml file we can use a migration assistant utility component called 'arch2xml'. This command line utility will convert the architect model into an xml which can then be directly opened in the an FM.

Note that this arch2xml is a command line tool. All command line utilities are discontinued from Cognos 10.2 migration assistant onwards. If you want to open an architect model in C10.2 FM, first open the xml in a prior version of FM  saving it as a FM model file. This can be easily opened with a later version FM without need of any tool.

Cognos Guru's, let me know if there is any other alternate approach instead of using arch2xml.