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I've been asked to look into the potential of rebranding the Cognos interface for some potential customers. I've managed to download the Cognos documentation on the UI that they provide freely and i'm just about to give it a go.

Just wondered if any one else has done this( which i presume lots have) and if anyone is willing to provide sample screens of what they have accomplished. I'll gladly post some of my samples once i've got to grips with it.

This section seems sadly neglected. Hopefully this reply will spur other people into sharing.

I've had some minor success in rebranding. If you're not an artsy type, I strongly recommend hiring a graphic designer to design the style for you. This means the backgrounds, buttons, layout.

The attached picture shows what a standard user sees. Several of the menu options have been removed or reordered. Tabs have their own individual icons (unfortunately I have not yet found a way to make those icons hyperlinks). Fonts have been altered. Most of the portal icons have been replaced. I made this look almost exactly as the graphic designer dictated.

I'm very interested to see what other people have done. Please share!

Hi Paul,

thanks for replying, to be honest I'd given up all hope of ever getting a reply to my post and thought raising the dead would prove easier.....

Not sure if its our firewall here or the cognoise forum but I can't see the iamge that you have uploaded. any chance you could email it to me or try to upload again as I'd really appreciate having a look at what can be achieved.


Your firewall is probably blocking tinypic. I've attached the image this time.

Well, at our site too we have done certain customization by hiding links and all. Check /cognos/templates/ps directory contents where Cognos ReportNet is installed. You can alter many features here.


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