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Also check out this directory - /cognos/crn/webcontent/skins You can replace many cognos images with your own company images here and work with skins. Remember "current" is the one which is in use.

I've done some rebranding...check out my post on the same...


--- Quote from: PaulM on 06 Jan 2009 09:50:50 am ---This section seems sadly neglected. Hopefully this reply will spur other people into sharing.

I've had some minor success in rebranding. If you're not an artsy type, I strongly recommend hiring a graphic designer to design the style for you. This means the backgrounds, buttons, layout.

The attached picture shows what a standard user sees. Several of the menu options have been removed or reordered. Tabs have their own individual icons (unfortunately I have not yet found a way to make those icons hyperlinks). Fonts have been altered. Most of the portal icons have been replaced. I made this look almost exactly as the graphic designer dictated.

I'm very interested to see what other people have done. Please share!

--- End quote ---

Hi, could you share how do you success to put pictures in the tabs

Thank you in advance

Sorry for not responding earlier, I wanted to make sure Cognos approved the technique before releasing it. The guide to adding icons to tab has been published in the July-August 2009 Cognos Supportlink newsletter.



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