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Cognos Viewer Customization Worries (Cognos 8.3)

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   I don't know if you found a solution, but if you didn't, I was able to figure it out.

Here goes.
   The Cognos Administration page takes its html junk from the original skin css files, but it looks for directions from c8\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\fragments\applications\cogadmin\pages\adminconsole.xml.

    Also, if you have a custom skin that you created, make sure you go to c8\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\fragments\styles, make a copy of one of the existing xml files in there and rename it to the name of your skin and edit this to reflect your skin.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi ,

Thanks Vrishal for the input on cognos Administration. I am trying to acheive the same with a logo for cognos administration header . I defined the new skin in the skin folder under the path mentioned and also changed the application.xml to read from new skin. But still the logo is not displayed. None of the changes are applied to header of the cognos page. Also I am unable to figure out what to change in adminconsole.xml. There is not skin entry provided as such there.

Version which I am using is 8.3

Could you help me.

I'm running into the same thing and was wondering if you have found a solution?

Specifically, I have:
1. Copied and renamed the Corporate Skin located at \c8\webcontent\skins\
2. Copied and renamed corporate.xml located at \c8\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\fragments\styles\skins
3. Created a new style in Cognos Administration
4. Edited color schemes in following files: \c8\webcontent\skins\mystyle\shared\banner.css, \c8\webcontent\skins\mystyle\portal\default.css, and \c8\webcontent\skins\mystyle\viewer\CRN.css

Things look good at the Cognos Connection screen and when navigating around in Public Folders and My Folders.  When I select Launch, IBM Cognos Connection though, it reverts back to the traditional Corporate color scheme.

Using FireFox's Web Editing tools, I see that when I move to IBM Cognos Administration page, it uses a different default.css file than the one I've edited (and the one that Cognos is using when I'm in Public folders).  The thing is, I cannot figure out what default.css file it is using.

Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

Hi kderoos,
I'm working on some skinning customization in Cognos 8.4 and experienced similar problems, this is how I solved it.

The Cognos Administration style needs to be changed in the following file:

<c8 install dir>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\fragments\applications\cogadmin\application.xml

There is a value there, 'skin="corporate"', which you need to change to the value of your custom skin. Also, if you want to make changes to the layout in the Cognos Administration this should be done in the following file:

<c8 install dir>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\fragments\styles\skins\<yourskin>.xml

Hope this helps - it work for me. :)


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