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Author Topic: [Solved]Can we schedule a report net report to run 200 tiimes  (Read 8465 times)


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Hi Folks,

We are using Cognos 8.3 at my company and I have created a 'report studio' report and published it on cognos connection.
The report accepts a parameter from the prompt page called Store name and creates a report for that specific Store.

We have around 200 stores and need to run this report 200 times i.e for each store and save the output in a specified folder.

Is it possible to somehow pass a parameter to this report and run it at scheduled time?
We want to loop through all the store names so we get reports for all the stores.

Thank You.

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You can burst this report through all stores and run it daily.
To burst the report you have to create first a burst key. That is an item in this report which is grouped.
Then you have to set the burst key in report studio. For this you open the report studio and go to file--> burst options. There you set bursting active and set the groups and the key (its always the store in your example).

Then the report is devided into many reports when scheduled and set bursting active.


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Thanks mate, we are looking at bursting option...