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The new location of the tutorials is:


In the future there will also be a script section.

Have fun!

ReportNet Addict

thanks a lot of starting it again...


Thanks for restarting the tutorials.  As a suggestion, you might want to include a list of available tutorials on your ticket request page.  Additionally, you might want to provide a privacy statement that states you will not sell, convey, or provide the e-mail addresses given to you to a third party (esp COGNOS headhunters).  My corporate IPaddress/e-mail where I view this forum from has some strict limitations and filters on the e-mail that gets through, so if you do not hear back from me, it might be that the ticket you sent got filtered out (or I could not get it from Outlook to the browser).


Sorry to be rude, but that's not my loss (don't take this personal because I know you responded).... I have to take this attitude because (unlike you did ) most of my visitors didn't care to leave a message. And a lot of visitors came directly in instead of thru cognoise. I had +/- 30 visitors a day reading my tutorials and I got no replies.

In certain circumstances I maybe start to hand out permanent tickets based on ip-address. But I still have to think about this.

And as you can read in the disclaimer I state that it is only for my use.

If you get pissed, get pissed on those leechers! It's their fault I had to do this...

Thank you for the tutorials


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