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[Tutorial] The tutorials....

Started by sir_jeroen, 16 Oct 2005 05:53:27 AM

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The new location of the tutorials is:


In the future there will also be a script section.

Have fun!

ReportNet Addict



Thanks for restarting the tutorials.  As a suggestion, you might want to include a list of available tutorials on your ticket request page.  Additionally, you might want to provide a privacy statement that states you will not sell, convey, or provide the e-mail addresses given to you to a third party (esp COGNOS headhunters).  My corporate IPaddress/e-mail where I view this forum from has some strict limitations and filters on the e-mail that gets through, so if you do not hear back from me, it might be that the ticket you sent got filtered out (or I could not get it from Outlook to the browser).



Sorry to be rude, but that's not my loss (don't take this personal because I know you responded).... I have to take this attitude because (unlike you did ) most of my visitors didn't care to leave a message. And a lot of visitors came directly in instead of thru cognoise. I had +/- 30 visitors a day reading my tutorials and I got no replies.

In certain circumstances I maybe start to hand out permanent tickets based on ip-address. But I still have to think about this.

And as you can read in the disclaimer I state that it is only for my use.

If you get pissed, get pissed on those leechers! It's their fault I had to do this...



I'm really Thankful to you, Look its just because of 1 or 2 we need to take this much care.
Starting a thing is done very rarely that to if some one doesn't take even a minute to appreciate this kind of work we feel very bad I totally feel you.

Great keep up the good work.



Thanks for the tutorials.  They look great especially the one with the Google Map API.



the tutorials are extremly helpfull




Creating IQD's using ReportNet is Extraordinary and Custom Dundas Gauges 1 is awesome.

Very Nice ...and Thanks much again



Your tutorials are really good. They show us what ReportNet is actually capable of doing!


Good to see that the tutorials are back on line, I am especially interested in 'Using a World Map with ReportNet' that was something that grabbed my attention (being a GIS nut) any chance of getting some code for this?.....................please ;)


I found your presentations very helpful.  I am new to Reportnet, so some of them were WAYYYYY over my head. 

I was trying to follow you and take notes at the same time.  Very frustrating.  It wasn't until I scrolled down to the very bottom that I found the button to start/stop the tutorial.  That really made it easier to follow.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for contributing so much.


Quote from: ReportNet Addict on 17 Oct 2005 06:47:37 AM
And as you can read in the disclaimer I state that it is only for my use.
If you get pissed, get pissed on those leechers! It's their fault I had to do this...

Looks like i am the culprit of all this. I fowarded the direct link to some of my colleages, who are all into reportnet, and they probably forwarded it to customers/other reportnet geeks.
I mussed have missed your disclaimer, saying it's for personal use.

Let me know how much bandwidth your burning with 50 people a day. maybe i can help you out with some webspace. 

COGNOiSe administrator

Thanks smiley - that's a great gesture.



What company are you from smiley?  Because I haven't sent you a ticket request as far as I can see...

I don't mind if you pass my url, but don't forget to mention http://www.cognoise.com


I work for....cognosÃ,  ;D I forwarded the tutorial page before it was session protected, asuming it was open for all, and you could handle the bandwidth.
The cognoise page itself is well known within the company now, and is visited frequently by many of the colleages.
Again; let me know if i can help you out with some bandwidth if needed, as i like the initiative.
Just because people do not reply, it does not mean they don't care. (the internet is 99% users, and 1% interactive users)




they are most helpful.. by this time u might have found out that I requested 5 tickets  ;D i am also taking notes and the pause button is helpful too  8)
My sincere thank you to you,
kiran  ;)


No thanks... Glad to help you...

Btw.. do you have 2 accounts on Cognoise? See last two replies..


Thank you, oh gracious one!  They are exremely helpful.