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Deployment Automation through Cognos SDK


Hi guys,

I am using Cognos SDK for the first time.I have a requirement of automating the deployment procedure.I am working with the DeployPackage folder in java samples in SDK.When i am getting connected to the production server to import the archive and deploy it to production , it is giving me the following error :

An error occurred in getting Deployment options.he error: CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client.

I have figured out that the error is coming in in this line :
deployOptEnum = myConnection.getCMService().getDeploymentOptions(myArchive, new Option[] {});

Can someone suggest the reasons for this error.I have suggested the screenshots of the errors for your cosideration.


I have the same issue.  I do have 'Allow anonymous access = TRUE' but I can not able to import the zip file.  I did put a Service Request in Cognos but no news from them either.

I did a test making sure that I can import the zip using Cognos web page.  I don't have problem doing the import manually but I can not figure out the reason of the java failure.

the problem is the password being set during the creation of the archive.  With no password set the application worked fine.

If any one knows how to get apply the password to during the import please post your code.  Thanks


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