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Author Topic: Configure Gateway for the Apache Web Server Module  (Read 2414 times)


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Configure Gateway for the Apache Web Server Module
« on: 06 Nov 2008 09:09:16 pm »
I hope someone can help or explain this.   I configured the Cognos Gateway to use the Apache Web Server Module as documented in the Installation and Configuration Guide.  I am using Cognos BI 8.3 and IBM HTTP Server 6.0.2 on Windows. 

After making these changes, a browser pointing to the URL http://localhost/cognos8 asks me if I want to open the cognos.cgi file or save it.  This URL worked prior to this change.  It used to foreward me to the Cognos welcome page.

But if I use the URL http://localhost/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos_module or http://localhost/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos_module?b_action=xts.run&m=portal/welcome/welcome.xts everything appears to work just fine.

Is this normal, or have I missed something in httpd.conf?  Any comments are appreciated.