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Problem with Query Users role...

Started by steinm88299, 26 Dec 2008 09:35:44 PM

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My company has OEM'd Cognos for shipment with our management tool. Therefore, I am importing our packages as part of the installation. If I assign a user the Query Users role, they are unable to load the Package data in Query Studio. If I add them to the Authors role, they can load the packages just fine and run queries. My problem is I do not want to expose them to Report Studio. I have verified Query Users have access to the packages within Cognos. This is Cognos 8.3.




If your Query Users have access in 8v3, I would recommend checking 3 things:

  • First thing I would tell you to do is check and make sure that no one has "Deny" access set on the package. 
  • Second, You want to check your datasource for that package and make sure they have access to the datasource as well.
  • Finally, I would call the OEM and make sure that there are not security settings in the model of the package that could be causing this.

Best of luck,