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Cognos in the Cloud?

Started by potenho, 15 Jan 2009 08:39:26 AM

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I know cloud is a buzzword nowadays but I was wondering if someone has experience or has at least heard of integrating some Cognos products into a cloud infrastructure. I know IBM has a cloud solution named HiPODS and I'm wondering if integration would be possible using that or similar solution.



See links below..

IBM launches private business analytics cloud
by Larry Dignan


IBM on Monday is expected to unveil Blue Insight, a massive business analytics cloud that will hold more than a petabyte of data. This internal cloud computing environment will be the basis for future external services.

Internally, IBM's effort is dubbed Blue Insight, a business analytics cloud that will give 200,000 employees access to key corporate data around the world. Blue Insight will suck in data from 100 different data stores and warehouses. The data will then be dished out to salespeople and developers.

According to IBM, Blue Insight is a showcase of the "eat your own dog food" mantra. The system is built using Cognos, IBM's business intelligence software, and hardware systems such as System Z, the company's mainframe (right).

Going forward, IBM said it will add structured and unstructured data to Blue Insight. Some of this data will include revenue forecasts and sales quotas, product breakdowns, queries from real-time data and inventory levels and defects.

IBM Press release:



We recently did a POC installing Cognos 10 on to the cloud. The content store and application server were installed on the cloud and work fine. We're still having issues integrating it to a security provider and some issues connecting to some source data to report on.


Hi ,

We are trying to integrate cognos and Salesforce. But I am unable to successfully create a datasource connection.
Salesforce is a hosted system on their architecture and cognos is inbound in our organization.
Please can you tell me what are the ports/range of ports on Salesforce we may have to specify/open and the the hostname and the domain name(Fully qualified domain name) of salesforce.

Please let me know.It will be of great help to me.