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Re-publication of Powerplay Reports to Upfront

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Hi All,

I have an automated process that publishes PPX reports to Upfront.  New publications work fine using the "PublishToUpfront", but I can't get the "RePublishToUpfront" mothod of a Report object to work.

While stepping through I can see that the report exists in PPES and in Upfront, and the ID in Upfront is the same as in the PPX, but it just doesn't seem to like the command.

Any thoughts or assistance would be fantastic.


Further ... The "RePublishToupfront" method does not actually invoke a "Windows Common Logon Server" connection ... ie calling the method from scratch does not have the authority to publish. 
If however, I perform a "PublishToUpfront" command, the connection is established, and then the "Republish..." can be called successfully ... perhaps I could publish a dummy report and then perform a "Republish..." on the real report ... not a good option ... hhheeelllppp  :)

What is the reason for republishing ?

hmmm, good question!

Currently, we have as a standard, that publication to Upfront is perfored via PP client, and not through PPES.  As a consequence, when a report changes it needs to be re-published from PP client ... may be time for a change!!! ... we considered the concept of changing this some time ago, but it kinda lost focus ... I'll have to bring it back up again.

I presume that's what you were getting at with your question?!

thanks Darek

Should we all assume that you've followed the procedure for republishing?

On a separate note, instead of opening the original file, would you be able to open the PPX from imported_reports instead?

I was just browsing fix list for 7.3MR2 and I've found this:

485012.0 Can't execute RePublishToUpfront method in macro.


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