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Author Topic: Go Mobile inbox corruption - MOB-ERR-2016  (Read 8269 times)


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Go Mobile inbox corruption - MOB-ERR-2016
« on: 19 Jan 2009 12:27:36 pm »
Version: 8.3 SP2 (client 8.3.044)

Has anyone encountered the following error when trying to open a report from the Go Mobile inbox?

MOB-ERR-2016 unable to open the inbox.
Followed by: na.java.io.IOE.xception: cache is corrupt;record store ‘585.dbz-1’ 2 records 9code 2016)

The problem is affecting 2 of 4 reports in the user's inbox. The problem is not report specific as other users have the same reports on different schedules and they were successful.

Cognos README indicates there should be "Rebuild Inbox" command in the "Sync Details" screen but it doesn't appear in the 8.3.044 client. "Refresh Inbox" and exiting/re-launching the application do not have any effect.