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Attachments not available in ReportNet Group

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Hi,  Just wanted to let you know that the attached files are not available for download within the ReportNet group.  It looks like the links are pointing to an index page.  Thanks, JoeBass

COGNOiSe administrator:
Hi JoeBass,

Thanks - which topics (as an example)?


Hi COGNOiSe admin, 
  I was trying to snag a script from the "[Script] Some javascripts in actions" thread.  The first that I tried was "flexible_report.rar" posted by Jolly.  I tried others with the same result:  when I tried to save target, "index.txt" appeared as the file to be saved.  Clicking on the attachment link gave me a page can't be found message.

COGNOiSe administrator:
Sorry JoeBass - not good news I'm afraid.

Hi COGNOiSe Admin,  Thanks for the quick response!  Sorry to hear about the site troubles.  JoeBass


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