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Need help for Analysis Studio

Started by mrsamwu2003, 19 Mar 2009 07:34:53 PM

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Hi everyone, greeting from a new folk.

I got a weird problem in my Analysis Studio. The recently used "GO Sales & Retailers" package not available anymore in Analysis Studio, but it still good in other studios. Before this happened, I got error when I clicked "Blank Report" in Analysis Studio, and I removed the Rising anti-virus software, then this happened. The link disabled. But the other packages are OK. Only the ones that I clicked before and got errors are not available, other packages like "GO Sales" are OK.

I tried to open "GO Sales", expended the "Product" dimension, and then got a red cross. The Analysis Studio just not working.

Any clue?

The environment is:
Windows Vista Ultimate on Dell 1525 laptop, Cognos 8.3 from my school with Apache Web server.

Thanks for any help.