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how to add user class to a model automatically and creat a user class view


because there are too many user class,it's a great job to add user class manually and to create a user class view.
So i want to know how to add user class to a model  and create a user class view automatically.
who can give me a example with explanation

I have one method,By MDL script but I`m trering

Which version are you using?

I've been working with PowerPlay Transformer Series 7 and have automated some security using MDL scripting and the SDK using VB .Net. I'm also working on series 8.4.1 Transformer security automation using the same. I'm adding a user class to the model and then creating a custom view with an Apex for that new user class.

Is there a list of 'KNOWN' SDK issues? I'm finding some of the SDK methods and objects, in CognosTransformer and TransformerSDKLib namespaces, do not exactly work as documented.

Thanks in advance.


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