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Please add an indicator to your topic title

Started by sir_jeroen, 09 Nov 2005 05:56:19 PM

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Please add an indicator to your topic title for the product your topic is about:
Metrics Manager [MM]
Analysis Studio =[AS]
Query Studio= [QS]
Cognos Connection = [CC]

Or perhaps the Admin can create some sub portals...

COGNOiSe administrator

Hey RAddict,

Another great idea - I would prefer the prefixes because sub-boards don't work well (the topic SUM/Count doesn't roll-up) and they take forever to setup - because C8 is a platform it is like setting another COGNOiSe forum!!!!



Can you create a sub filter on which we can filter by prefix?

COGNOiSe administrator

you're starting to sound like my wife!  ;)

will look into it but can't promise as it might stretch my php skills from useless to mildly incompetent



When C8 will become as common place as CRN this is going to become a problem.  I don't think people will want to add a "RS" or any other component to their message.

Perhaps re-using some of the forums that have 0 messages to separate the Metric Studio, Report Studio and Analysis Studio would be  a good idea.

Otherwise this forum will become very hard to follow..

Just my opinion, I'm not the one who has to actually do this.. he he  ;)


How can I stop this topic staying at the top of the list????
Robert Edis
Robert Edis Consulting
Rotorua, New Zealand


Use the 'Sticky' button to make it non-sticky?  I'd guess RA made it sticky for a reason, though??


COGNOiSe administrator