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Please add an indicator to your topic title

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Please add an indicator to your topic title for the product your topic is about:
Metrics Manager [MM]
Analysis Studio =[AS]
Query Studio= [QS]
Cognos Connection = [CC]

Or perhaps the Admin can create some sub portals...

COGNOiSe administrator:
Hey RAddict,

Another great idea - I would prefer the prefixes because sub-boards don't work well (the topic SUM/Count doesn't roll-up) and they take forever to setup - because C8 is a platform it is like setting another COGNOiSe forum!!!!


Can you create a sub filter on which we can filter by prefix?

COGNOiSe administrator:
you're starting to sound like my wife!  ;)

will look into it but can't promise as it might stretch my php skills from useless to mildly incompetent

So you're gonna hit me too :P


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