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Author Topic: Incorrect subtotals in footer when group is collapsed  (Read 7122 times)


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Incorrect subtotals in footer when group is collapsed
« on: 04 Apr 2009 06:36:33 pm »
I'm having a problem with subtotals calculating incorrectly when I collapse a group.  In the images below, the relevant fields are Salesperson, Tour Count (a calculated field returning either a 1 or a 0), and Net Sales Volume (also a calculated field, but returns a blank instead of a 0 if no sale was made).  The only grouping in the report is on Salesperson.

As long as the group is expanded, the subtotals are correct, like this:

However, if I collapse the group (because I don't need to see the individual records), the subtotals are incorrect, like this:

My gut tells me that this is somehow related to the fact that these are the only two calculated fields in the report, because they're the only two that aren't working right.  I've played around with (I think) every possible option in the Summarize screen, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  Plus, why would this only happen when the group is collapsed?  Any ideas?