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[solved] Using multiple facts in pie chart to total 100%

Started by mikegreen, 14 Nov 2005 06:05:25 PM

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Hello folks,

  I think I must be missing something obvious, but we'll see....

  My goal is to have a pie chart that shows the breakout (percentage) of items by type, and each item type is a separate fact item in my query subject.
  For example, if the query subject is like this (dont comment on the poor design, the data dictates it this way in our warehouse):
Store1, Item1_QTY, Item2_QTY, Item3_QTY
And the data was like this:
CityStore, 20, 50, 30

I would like a pie chart for CityStore showing 20% blue, 50% red, and 30% green (or whatever colors the palette picks).. but want them all in the same Series.

If I drag each data item (Item1_QTY, 2, 3, etc) over to the Series (#3) in the chart design in ReportStudio, I get 3 pie charts. 

Is there a way to use these separate data items as one, making up 100% of a single pie chart?  This seems quite simple, but I can't figure out how to do it!




Ok, I'll answer my own post :-)

In the Chart Properties (Pie Chart), the "Plot Measures As" defaults to "Categories" which results in a pie chart created for each item in (#1 area) "Measures". 
Changing the "Plot Measures As" value to "Series" instead of "Categories" did the trick.  It now uses the fact items in the "Measures" as the graph source, and the Series/Categories axes to determine more pies made.

Thanks, self! Hope that helps someone down the road...


naveen kalaimani

Hi Mike...

This topic of yours has really helped me to solve a couple of similar problems i have been facing....

Thanks..  ;)



Where is such property ("Plot Measures As"), I tried to find it.
Should I update the chart somehow so I can find it?

Please HELP , I have the same problem


That option is available only in ReportNet
We dont have that option in Report Studio.
Solution: Create a new data item(say 'total') by summing all measures(M1,M2...)
Place 'Total' in 'Default Measure' box and (M1,M2...) in 'Series(Pie Slices)'