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InterCompany elimination


I have created a system, with company and account structure. A parent and subsidiary company has been set up for consolidation with the subsidiary using method "Purchase". I have set acquisistion and intercompany balance control tables between the parent and subsidiary and are giving me correct results.

However, keeping all set up exactly the same, I have changed the consolidation method for this subsidiary from 'Purchase' to 'Equity' and the intercompany elimination is not happenning. Giving me message "No values to eliminate'.
For the consolidation type being used by me, I have kept the option of 'Manual' i.e. ownership relation will be calculated based on values entered in company strucuture.

Could anyone give his inputs as to why the intercompany elimination doesn't work under "Equity' method.


if you are using the equity method for the consolidation no IC elimination is allowed according to IFRS because of only the change of the equity of the subsidiary will effect the B/S an P/L of the parent company


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