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foreign letters with dots on it (i.e. ä,ö,ü,) shown as squares on QS filter

Started by MarLone, 24 Jun 2009 05:35:12 AM

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Hi there,

Does anyone have a clue why foreign letters with dots on it (i.e. ä,ö,ü,) when used in filter in QS are shown as squares ?

Example: If I filter QS report on person name (with foreign letters in it) on filter line his name is shown with squares when it’s run and the report does not show the results. So what needs to be done is to click to edit filter, select person name again and then the report is shown normally.
(on DB letters are shown as they look with dots, and when I do this workaround even the filter show them as need to. The problem only occurs when it’s first time run or when I add another field in it)

This is not a problem for me to fix manually when I run the report online, but when I schedule it to be sent I received it with squares and with no data available massage.

Is there any fix on this (or filter setup that needs to be made)?
Thanks in advance.