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E-Mail notification

Started by cognostechie, 03 Aug 2009 01:28:03 PM

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Hi All:

Doesn't Metric Studio has the ability to send an e-mail if something changes like Threshold ?

I ed the E-Mail notification On and in the properties I specified to send seperate e-mail of any action is taken or a comment is added.

I added comments, changed the Thresholds etc but it's not sending any e-mail. Version 8.4

The E-Mail setup is correct in Cognos Configuration. It did send me a test e-mail when I re-started the service.

Thanks for your help !


It has ability to send email when threshold changes.
i think u have not created a New integration task in u r metric maintenance package.
try this steps may be it will help you..
1) Go to Your metric maintenance package depend on u r scorecard.
2)At top u will see between New job and New url , u will see New Data integration task
3) Click on that and select new metric maintenance.
4) select u r  metric package.
5)It will ask for Name, Type: - Email Alert Notification ,click next
6)under metric data options - select: recalculated derived values.
               and under Additional Options : select emails from watch list.   
7) select option: save only. 
8) click finish.

May be it will work for you...


hi kane..

can we create an automatic task..so everytime a user add a comment or the value change the job will run automatic and we will receive a notification email. Coz everytime the user add comment or value changethe admin must run job first manually..:(



Hi kenrisen,
We can do one thing,we can schedule a task according to our needs.The thing is we have to define schedule correctly for every 5min or 10min.
for first time when we create a integration task we have to define a schedule, after that there is no need of doing manually by admin or any one.