Author Topic: Cube Swap in Cognos 8.4 Transformer  (Read 10106 times)

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Cube Swap in Cognos 8.4 Transformer
« on: 10 Aug 2009 04:29:47 am »
we are having an extreme trouble in making a cube live in the new Transformer.
We are getting an error "File in use" when the users are using the cube at the same time the cube is being replaced.

As per the new documentation, we are performing the following steps to disable the datasources before replacing the cube:

PCConn -f "StopScript.txt"

connect am-ohco-ds011:9300
-ns ProdName -uid ABC -pwd PASS

disable DCI_PL_Cube
disable DCI_Balance_Sheet_Cube

after running this script, it shows all datasources have been disabled ( and we have confirmed this in Cognos connection) - but if we try to delete or replace the cube, we get the OS error - file in use.
However, if the users gets logged off the cube from cognos connection, we can delete/replace the live cube.

But - the question is - we dont want to interrupt the user, we should be able to replace the live cube seamlessly - which we could do in Series-7.

Experts - any thoughts.....

i am desparately looking for a solution.

thanks for looking at my post.


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Re: Cube Swap in Cognos 8.4 Transformer
« Reply #1 on: 10 Aug 2009 08:55:25 am »

There is a way to tackle this issue in cognos power play transformer 8.4. A feuture called 'copy and activate' can be used for this purpose. This will created a cube in one location and copy to another location(deployemnet) for the user access. We can specify the number of versions need to be created at the deployment location(where datasource and in turn user access), so only the latest version should be locked with cognos connection. Also the old cube will be deleted as its on

In this methode, the user cannot see whether a cube is been refreshed or not. If the old cube is been used by the user and if the cube refresh happens ,then cognos automatilcally connected to the new version. You can also limit the no of versions need to be created. In my environment, i am keeping only one version + the LIVE one.