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Author Topic: Cognos 8.4 Migration Assistant Error  (Read 8844 times)


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Cognos 8.4 Migration Assistant Error
« on: 01 Sep 2010 01:31:10 am »

I am trying to migrate Cognos Series 7.4 content to Cognos 8.4 via Migration assistant... I encountered this error:

Unable to communicate with host localhost on port 21567

com.cognos.migcrn.MigdeployException: MGD-msg-0439 Unable to communicate with host localhost on port 21567 com.cognos.migcrn.s7.service.Series7ServiceBridge.<init>(Series7ServiceBridge.java:88) com.cognos.migcrn.entrypoints.p2pd.requests.ConsoleAction.executeSeries7Request(ConsoleAction.java:254) com.cognos.migcrn.entrypoints.p2pd.requests.ConsoleAction_ServerList.execute(ConsoleAction_ServerList.java:54) com.cognos.migcrn.entrypoints.p2pd.requests.BusRunSpecificationRequest.run(BusRunSpecificationRequest.java:457) com.cognos.migcrn.entrypoints.p2pd.requests.BusRunSpecificationRequest.execute(BusRunSpecificationRequest.java:177) com.cognos.migcrn.entrypoints.p2pd.MigrationServiceAsyncHandler.invoke(MigrationServiceAsyncHandler.java:141) com.cognos.pogo.async.impl.AsyncContextImpl.runRequest(AsyncContextImpl.java:180) com.cognos.pogo.async.impl.AsyncRequestThread.run(AsyncRequestThread.java:45)

I am currently running on Windows 2003 server SP2.

Please take note that Cognos Series 7 Server and Cognos 8 BI server is on the same machine and both are running.

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Re: Cognos 8.4 Migration Assistant Error
« Reply #1 on: 07 Nov 2011 11:55:38 am »
Did you ever get this figured out?  I'm running into the same issue