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Author Topic: [Closed] PowerPlay cube shortcuts (s7) broken after import into C8  (Read 4453 times)


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We are having trouble getting the old PowerPlay cube shortcuts to work in Cognos 8.

Using deployment wizard we exported from CRN the Cognos Connection folders which contained our cubes & reports, then imported them into Cognos 8.

The reports continued to work (without much tweaking) in Cognos 8, but the shortcuts to our PowerPlay cubes were no longer functioning ie an error message occurs:

"The request failed because the there is no ticket or passport."

More info:
- we are logged into Cognos 8 before the error message occurs
- the cube shortcut points to another server, which uses the same authentication provider as the C8-server
- the cube shortcut "gateway" property points to the non-C8 server, and seems to be responding with error message above

Problem is, when customers upgrade to Cognos 8, they still may want to reference their old PowerPlay cubes (for whatever reason), but this does not appear to be possible using a single Cognos 8 Portal (CC)?

Having 2 Cognos Connection portals online for this requirement would confuse some users.

Anybody have ideas on workarounds?

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Re: [CC] PowerPlay cube shortcuts (s7) broken after import into C8
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From the C8 README:

Publish to Cognos 8 Fails if a Different Format is Used to Identify the Series 7 Directory Server

To publish from PowerPlay Enterprise Server to Cognos 8, you must use the same format to identify the connection information for the Series 7 namespace directory server in both Cognos Series 7 Version 3 and Cognos 8.

For example, if you specify a host name in one product and then use the IP address in the other, PowerPlay Enterprise Server is not able to publish to the Cognos 8 portal. Instead, it detects a mismatched configuration, prompts for credentials and, even if valid credentials are entered, raises a "Publish failed" error.

The solution is to use the same format to identify the directory server hosting the Cognos Series 7 namespace in both product configurations; either a fully qualified host name or a specific IP address.