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Assosiations in Cognos8

Started by addpremkumar, 25 Nov 2005 06:42:32 AM

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Hi Darak,

We are migrating Impromptu reports to Cognos8. I have some dought regarding the assosiation concept in Cognos8, wheather it will work like Impromptu or not.

Already we tested some reports, we r getting the output good for some and not getting the required output for some reports

I want a clear clarifcation that assosiation work good in Cognos8...

Any ideas from u the things to be taken while migrating reports from impromtu to Cognos8.



Hi Addpremkumar,

I'm assuming you're referring to the association of report columns or summaries to the grouped items in a report in Impromptu?

In Cognos 8, you can associate a descriptive column to a grouped column in a list using the 'Group Span' property (it used to be called 'Level Span' in ReportNet).Ã,  If you are migrating a report from Impromptu and this has not been set, you can set it manually in the report afterwards.

If you are referring to association of a summary to a grouped column, then mostly this is done for you, but if not you can manually change each summary to specify the grouped level to which it refers.Ã,  For example, you can add a summary calculation that is coded as
total([QUANTITY] for [Product line])Ã,  Ã,  or
average([QUANTITY]Ã,  for Report)

In summary, the concept of association in Impromptu is fully supported in Cognos 8.Ã,  I'm guessing the problems you are seeing are to do with the migration of reports.

Best regards,


PS - who is Darak ???



No direct reference to other members pls.. this is a community for everyone and not a dating site.... And if you want to ask something to Darek send him an e-mail..