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What exactly is Cognos Powerhouse all about ?

Started by sanchoniathon, 24 Sep 2009 08:25:38 AM

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Hello to all,

What exactly is "Cognos Powerhouse".
Sorry for my ignorance, i do use Report Studio 8.4 and have already used a bit Cognos Impromptu in the past and a bit of Frame Work Manager.

But what exactly is Cognos Powerhsouse ? what is it for ?

Thanks !


PowerHouse is a 4GL development environment, comprising PDL for building dictionaries (the equivalent of Framework Manager in C8), Quiz for reporting, Qdesign for building data entry/maintenance screens, and QTP for batch processes.  It was launched around 1980, and was the first Cognos global product set.  At that time, Cognos was a development tools vendor.  Since then, the focus at Cognos has changed from development tools to BI and Performance Management with the introduction of Impromptu, PowerPlay, ReportNet, Cognos 8, Planning, TM1 etc.


Quasar Systems Ltd was incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1972.  The company owners sold a share of the company to a gentlemen from Edmonton whom liked it so much he bought the other owners out in 1974.  Quasar introduced it's first product QUIZ to the market place in 1980.  In 1984 the first powerhouse toll was introduced, by Quasar, in Las Vegas in 1984.

Shortly after it's launch Powerhouse grew quickly and Quasar's owner figure a move was in order to centralize the company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  He changed he name from Quasar to Cognos in 1985.

Powerhouse was designed as a 4th generation programming tool to speed up the development process by utilizing code generation.