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Cognos 8 Transformer - refresh published cube

Started by stevefromoz, 20 Aug 2009 05:09:38 PM

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Ok, C8 is all new to me (I'm old skool Series 7 and a lot earlier).   For trsting, i've created a new cube using Transformer.  I published this up to my Cognos Connection and have runa quick report, yay it all works.

now I want to refresh my cube.  Transformer fails out due to not being able to gain a lock on the cube.  Now, i would have 'thought' i could go to the Package listed in CC and see the cube there and then edit some property basically saying 'take this offline', but no. The package folder is (so intuitively) left blank (even though it represents a datasource, that just kills me).

So, how do i go about temporarily detaching the C8 service from my cube so i can refresh it?  I am guessing i could delete the package, but that seems drastic for a simple refresh operation.

Off topic - is this still my friends out of WA, ol' friends of Alan T, did work down @ NSW rail, running this forum??





i think you can achieve your goal with

1.) waiting until nobody, and this includes you, doesn't use the Cube-DataSource for a while (think 10-15 mins) - then the lock is gone and you can replace the cube
2.) deactivating the data source (you can do this in the properties of the cube data source) - i think you also have to wait the time for the unlocking...
3.) use Transformer 8.4, which brings with it a wonderful new feature to transfer and activate cubes on the fly, independent of their actual usage.

We had the same problem and solved it sustained and comfortable with option Nr. 3 ;)