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Using a Powerplay cube in Analysis Studio

Started by a.chamkeri, 07 Aug 2012 05:40:00 AM

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Hey Guys,

I have a cube (.mdc file) created using Cognos Powerplay Client 10.

Is it possible for me to use this cube in Cognos 8.3 Analysis Studio ?

I tried, creating a new datasource using this .mdc file. In the Widows location, I browse to the location of the file. But while testing the connection I get and error "PCA-ERR-0101 An error occurred while trying to open the data source".

Please advise.



I have a sneaky feeling the cube metadata changed for C10. Do you have a version of Transformer 8.3 you could try instead?


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Thanks for your reply.

I have Transformer 8.3 installed on my Cognos server. But when I try to open the .mdc file, It won't allow me to select it. It allows only .pyj & .mdl files.



Well first of all PPlay Client is used for opening cubes, not creating them. Transformer is used to create cubes (.mdc). So, what I believe MF is suggesting is that you rebuild your cube using Transformer 8.3. That is provided you haven't upgraded your model (.mdl or .pyj) or you have a copy that hasn't been upgraded to 10. Otherwise recreate the model in Transformer 8.3, rebuild and then you can open the cube (.mdc) in PPlay client 8.3.

Transformer 8.3 -> PPlay client 8.3

Transformer 10.1 -> PPlay client 10.1
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