Author Topic: Cognos 7.3 Transformer cube refresh hangs at "Reading Source Data"  (Read 6921 times)

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Hi ,
I have a cube refresh with 17 million records with database at different place.

When ever i start cube refresh, the refresh hangs at the starting stage at  "Reading Source Data".

The same process used to work till last week. Now is causing a problem.
Reading source data usually takes 1 - 1.5 hrs.   
I even restarted the machine couple of times for this issue. But of no use.
it would be very helpful if someone help out/ tells me what are the things to be verified

Help is highly appreciated ...
Thanks in Advance

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Do you have some possibilities to audit the activity of your server during this phase ?
Do you know, for exemple, if your request is really concidered by you database engine ?


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Hi sudhajan,

I am also facing similar problem, When I run the Cube on the windows environment I could see instance of cogtr running on database and I have no problem in generating cube. But when I am trying to update the similar cube on the UNIX machine, it hangs after "Reading source data". I could find that there is no instance of cogtr in the database. Guess that the problem is between the connection cognos and the database but I am using the same datasource in reports and reports are working fine.

I have recently migrated the cubes from cognos 8.4 version to cognos 10. It used to work well on cognos 8.4.

Do you remember how did you resolve this problem


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Hi All,

Me too facing the same issue, when we upgraded from 8.4.1 to 10.2 cubes are hung up.

Below link suggests to go for 10.2 refresh pack 1.

But to my surprise Data source reading happened in Dev environment and it failed there due to some other issues. But when we went for higher environments 'hung up' is the issue

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Do a UDA trace or a trace on the DB side to see what is happening between Transformer and the DB.
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