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Hi - I was just tasked with automating cogons cube/datasouce deployment.  I have never used cogos.

Much confusion.  ??? on what cognos does and how to cofigure it via command line.  As cubes go from dev, qa, perf test, and prod.  How do I move cubes between environtment.  I know that only the data source each cube points uses changes in each exection environment.  Also over time how can I change the data source via command line.

The systems guys installed 84 FM and powerplay on my system.  I am guessing 84 is on the linux/solaris boxes.


What company are you with?  You can give me a call or shoot me an email with any specific questions.  I am the admin for this site and work for a consulting company that owns it.



Hi Dustin;

My company will not contract this work out. 

I am a Java developer with some UNIX admin experience.  I need to come up with some simple scripts
for deploying reports, deploying cubes, and deploying data sources.  Need to deal with lifecycle deployment  code deploy some cvs checked in code to dev1, dev2, qa1 qa2, stress test, prod.

As I understand deploying cubes is simple.  copy files from 1 system to another.

Deploying new/changed reports or data source changes by unix command line.  NOT SO EASY.


You are correct, it is not so easy.  There is an admin guide that comes with Transformer, which includes some automation documentation.  Best of luck.



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