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 had remote desktop connection ,and iam accesing  .csa file from remote pc..
we have the structure as
Route users(under route users we have)
users(under users we have sub users)
Now I  just want to check how many members are there in the root ..
For that , what i  have done is , I had gone to usersProperties, i had selected user
I had selected membership tab, i clicked display as one single list check boin that i had selected userclass options)checkbox ,then it should show the users .
we had admin rights
can anyone help me
thank u

This is not very clear.

If you want to know how many or who are the users in Root User Class.

Open Access Manager.
When expanding your directory server.
You have something like

Directory Server
      +   My Ldap:389
               +   Default
                       +   USERS
                       +   Root User Class
                       +   Application Servers
                       +   Data Sources

If you expand the Root User Class, you can see on the right frame the list of users who belong to Root User Class.
You can see at the same time the immediat descendant.

If you open the User properties and check the Membership , then you have to open all users one by one to check to which user-class they belong to.



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