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Automation of report conversion in Cognos8?

Started by Tim86, 09 Apr 2010 04:37:36 PM

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In a few months, our company will be making some major changes to some packages we publish from Cognos Framework Manager 8.2.  This will cause a large number of reports to need updating in Report Studio and Query Studio.  We intend to have the old packages and new packages available concurrently for the users, so they have time to convert their reports over to the new packages.
Are there any tools/utilities available from Cognos to semi-automate this task?  The majority of the changes will involve linking the reports to a different package, and then reassigning many of the query data items from an outdated query subject to the new query subject.   Most, if not all, of these reassignments will have a 1-to-1 mapping from old to new.  So my gut tells me there should be a way to automate these report conversions.  Any suggestions???  Is there a way to locate the report specs in the content store and modify them with a script or utility, without even opening them up one-at-a-time?


Sounds like a job that could be automated via an SDK application.