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Cognos Tools Against a Data Warehouse!

Started by tabanchuy, 13 May 2010 09:09:27 PM

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I am used to cognos 7.2 and i have not created a catalog that accesses a data warehouse, I am used to pulling data straight to DB2 source with an ODBC.

I would just like to know the difference between making a catalog that points to a data warehouse, and a catalog that points straight to a source.

I know that an ETL uses different ODBCs to connect and join various databases and hosts it as a different environment from there on. So how do I go about making a catalog that will pull data there?

Someone please enlighten me, any inputs will surely be appreciated! :)


What kind of database is being used for the data warehouse?  In reality a data warehouse is just another database as far as Impromptu is concerned - all you need to do is to use the appropriate native/odbc connection to point to it, then bring in definitions of the required tables as normal.



Ah ok. That's all i need to know! hehehe. I was thinking it might be something that could be accessed without the need of an ODBC, like its owning the datawarehouse as its own database hehehe. I was over-thinking there!

I appreciate your help sir! Sorry for the ignorance! hehehe.