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ERROR of Cognos Powerplay Client V7 on WINDOWS 7 OS

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Our Network Admin was able to install the Cognos Powerplay Client ver 7.3 on a Windows 7 OS.

It actually worked, but the problem is there are instance that we encountered this error..
"Cognos Powerplay has stopped working..." even for a small cubes.

Is there any work around to apply?
Is there an issue on the versions since Cognos 7.3 is a 32-bit application,
running on a 64-bit OS (windows 7) and hardware?

Thank You!

PowerPlay 7.3 dropped out of support at the beginning of 2008 - two and a half years ago.  Looking at the earliest release afterwards - 7.4 (with no Maintenance Releases), neither Vista nor Windows 7 feature as supported platforms.  Even the latest release of PowerPlay - 7.4 MR4 - is not listed as being supported on Windows 7 (but is on Vista, so will most likely work on 7).

Have you tried running it under the Windows 7 XP Compatibility mode?


hi, its been a while.. thanks for the answer. we retained it to windows 7 OS.. our network admin able to do some work around to it.


I have the same issue now. Can you tell me what was the fix applied by your network admin? I have cognos 7.3 Powerplay client.



Cognos 7.5 will be the last Series 7-Version. It was designed, to run with Windows 7. But i noticed, that some clients are using older version with Windows 7 - but it's not supported (Version + environment).

Kind regards



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