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Title: Aggregate summary Issue in list report
Post by: Sundaramoorthy on 01 Aug 2020 09:44:13 pm
Hi Team,

I am having a total of 6 six percentage columns in list report. Out of which, for four columns need to display the subtotal & total summary at aggregate level.

For other two columns, need to calculate the percentage on subtotal & total using different logic.

In order to achieve this, I used the join query to fetch the expected data in subtotal & total.

For displaying detail data in each row for that 6 percentage columns is fetching from single base query only. For calculating subtotal for two columns alone, I used the separate SQL embedded query.

Issue here is, if I fetch aggregate summary for these 4 columns from single base query, then subtotal & total is displaying the expected result but if I refer the resultant join query & applying aggregate function on subtotal & total summary, then aggregate summary is not working as expected.

Please help me with this issue.