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Dashboards / Re: Running-Difference is failing in Crosstab report
« Last post by bus_pass_man on Today at 05:06:17 am »
I am unable to sort 13 months rolling calculation

Yeah you can't sort measures.  You can sort attributes and, in your original question, you have an attribute, which you can sort appropriately. 

So I'm not sure what the problem is.  Can you explain in slight more detail please.
Dashboards / Re: Running-Difference is failing in Crosstab report
« Last post by raghunori on Today at 02:58:16 am »
Define what you mean by 'Even custom sorting is failing.'   

I have my months sorted by their calendar order.  I do that by creating a sort index expression using the case function.  I include the year with the month number (so there's things like 202303, 202203, and 202103 etc. as the sort index numbers).   You can also do this in the dashboard but you would need to do this for every dashboard you create, which would be a bit of an annoyance.  It's always better to do your modelling in the modelling tool. If you can arrange it,

Just now, I created a calculation with the case function in a dashboard and was able to use it to sort another column.  The usage had to be changed to attribute for it to show up in the sort by list

You're in a bit of a pickle if you are using a FM package.

when you created a calculation, is it embedded or stand-alone?
Dashboards / Re: Running-Difference is failing in Crosstab report
« Last post by raghunori on 20 Mar 2023 02:15:17 pm »
I already have a sort column created at source excel sheet only. However, Cognos does not allow you to sort calculated fields by another column.. In my case, I am unable to sort 13 months rolling calculation by sort column.
Administration and Security / Re: Scheduled job failing
« Last post by sdf on 20 Mar 2023 09:44:08 am »
make sure the owner of the job has an administrator level role. Since consistency check jobs are administrative tasks.

Administration and Security / Re: Custom Themes in 11.2.4
« Last post by sdf on 20 Mar 2023 09:33:32 am »
Glass.maintenanceMessage (for the custom message)
Glass.disableWhatsNewAlerts (Set to TRUE so the only message seen is the custom message)

Report Studio / Help with Context Formula in calculating percentage
« Last post by rajua99 on 15 Mar 2023 12:49:57 pm »
Hello Team,

In my report i need to calculate Percentage based on Revenue for each row by year-month.

from the below data for Rock & sand for year month 2022-03 i need to divide that row with Revenue row i.e 99,816.66/2,032,952 and calculate the percentage.

HECTOR M MICHEL   ROCK & SAND                                                  2022-03           99,816.99      
HECTOR M MICHEL   REVENUE CONCRETE                                     2022-03      2,032,952   

Do the similar for other rows based on Year - month for each cost type description.

Can you please help me how to create formula by keeping context in place so that the % is calculated properly.

I now have access to framework manager but have never set the query options inside of framework manager always in the report writer.  What layer do I create the query subject and set the filters and how do I create it and tie it back to the framework?
Hi dougp.
I have tried that one. The links are not available to Download.
Is this the same question?

This seems like an odd question.  Is Cognos really that fragile?  I would expect you can start the services in any order and they would wait and check again if dependencies are not yet running.

Telling us what version of Cognos and what operating system you are using would be helpful.

I see batch calls in this thread, so I'll assume you are running Cognos on Windows.  I recommend using PowerShell.

Rebooting the machine will stop the services.  The order in which you stop services should not matter.  What may matter is what order services start (and complete starting).

To start the services in a specific order, you'll want to determine the proper order and build delays and waits into your process.  This script starts the IBM Cognos service, waits for it to start, then returns the new entries in cognosserver.log.

Code: [Select]
    $servername = "MyCognosServer"
    $servicename = "IBM Cognos"
    $coglog = "\\$servername\e`$\Program Files\ibm\cognos\analytics\logs\cognosserver.log"
    $linesbefore = (Get-Content $coglog | Measure-Object –Line).Lines
    $cogsvc = Get-Service -ComputerName $servername -Name $servicename
    "Waiting for the $servicename service on $servername to stop."
    "The $servicename service on $servername is stopped."
    $linesafter = (Get-Content $coglog | Measure-Object –Line).Lines
    $len = $linesafter = $linesbefore
    Get-Content -Path $coglog -Tail $len

I run this from a different computer as an account that has admin privileges on the server.  You can see my Cognos install is on the E: drive and I'm using the E$ admin share.  I left that in to demonstrate escaping the $.  I could very well have simply shared the logs folder.

And I'm running Cognos Analytics, but I would expect this process for Cognos Planning would be similar.
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