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Title: Cognos Express Install Drive
Post by: MFGF on 27 Aug 2015 02:58:45 am
Chamopak (;u=92608) wrote in a personal message:

Thank you for your answer.

Now a very different question. Seeing you are the one answering all my questions :P

Cognos Express Installation, on which drive must it be installed?
C: or are you allowed to installed in D: ?


Yes, you can install Express on drives other than C: but the version of Express will dictate what you need to check.

For versions 10.2.1 and all prior versions, you need to make sure that the drive you wish to install on is enabled for short names. There are instructions on how to check this in the Managing IBM Cognos Express guide - see Chapter 3 > Preparing for installation on a non-default drive

For Express 10.2.2 (and onwards) all you need to do is to specify the location to install to when running the install wizard - just as with installing "Normal" Cognos 10 BI - they are the same installer now. This time you'd use the Business Intelligence Installation and Configuration Guide: