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Test COG-612: IBM Cognos 10 BI Author

Started by cscondon, 20 Jun 2011 01:59:40 PM

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Has anyone taken this exam? COG-612: IBM Cognos 10 BI Author.
Is it like 112?

Thanks in advance,



Hi cognos.biuser,

Can you pls mail me the latest COG-612 exam dump to blatant_exam_cheat@banned.com. (email address modified by a muppety moderator to protect the poster and the site)

Thanks in advance.




I have to agree with what Cognostechie is getting at here and really warn against going down the brain dump route. 

Presumably, by wanting to pass the IBM certification you wish to show you have reached a certain level of compentency in that particular application and employers/clients will therefore expect a certain level of knowledge from you.  Using braindumps short circuits your learning experience and you end up knowing how to remember 50 Q&A's (usually illegally sourced) not how to use the application. 

If your flagged by the prometric software as having used the dumps then you also face the prospect of being banned from all IBM certifications and other associated certifications such as Microsoft etc.

So best advice is don't try and find an easy way to get hold of a certification as by itself its pretty worthless and instead spend the time learning the application. That way you will hopefully have a long and prosperous career.




Quote from: subhajitbhar@gmail.com on 16 Nov 2011 03:55:41 AM
Hi cognos.biuser,

Can you pls mail me the latest COG-612 exam dump to blatant_exam_cheat@banned.com. (email address modified by a muppety moderator to protect the poster and the site)

Thanks in advance.

I have sat and passed this exam, and I can even recall some of the questions. Here is my own mini-dump:

1. What is the brand name commonly used for IBM Business Intelligence tools?
A. SAP Business Objects
B. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
C. Qliktech QlikView
D. Rob Ashe
E. Stitch Query.

Obviously the answer is E

2. When enabling the debug and hidden menus in Report Studio, which tools are added into the toolbox?
A. Spanner
B. Socket Set
C. Hammer
D. Mmmmmm! Cute girl driving an Audi!
E. What was the question?

I think I got distracted by something when attempting this question, but I'm sure the answer was D

I hope these are a good start for you in your quest to become a certified Cognos BI professional. I'm sure that there are many others on the forum who can also contribute the useful and accurate questions they remember, and provide all the information you need to be successful.

Good luck!!

MF (Muppety Fibber)


This is great!! I too have passed the exam for BI Author. Here are a couple questions I recall:

Question: What are different ways to join queries?
A) In holy matrimony
B) Hand-in-hand
C) At that hip
D) All of the above

Answer: D

Question: What are classes and how are they used?

Answer: Classes are instructional sessions one attends to LEARN something. When combined with practical experience they can assist one's efforts to become certified.

Anyone else remember any questions??
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Cooooooooooooooooooooooool  :o LOLzzzzz


I too remembered a few questions -

How do you make a report run faster -

A) Run the report only during the weekends when the system is quiet
B) Color the report red and have a bull follow it
C) Add more horesepower to Cognos engine
D) Push gas pedal more
E) Add wings to the software so it can fly

Answer - B

What are cascading prompts?

A) Prompts that are married to each other and take each others role as and when needed
B) The second prompt changing it's color based on the first prompt
C) A Male and Female prompt walking in the downtown holding hands together
D) Prompts created by a person who passed the certification exam by obtaining dumps from a Cognos users forum
E) A Male and Female prompt of the same color who gave birth to a baby prompt of the same color

Answer - E

It's hard to remember all questions at the same time but I will come back and post more as and when I remember the questions.

If anybody wants to get the dump offline, send me a mail at passcognoscertification@cheating.com


This is excellent!! These questions had slipped my mind, but now I remember them clearly! Keep 'em coming! :-)


Gosh, I had no idea the tests were this hard. I thought about getting certified, but maybe I had better wait for another couple of years to take training and gain more experience.

Thank you for sharing! Made my Friday... :-)


Here is one:

Match the different filter types with the appropriate description:

Filter Types:
(A) Simple Filter
(B) Complex Filter
(C) Model Filter
(D) Default Filter

(1) You wake up and realize you can't make coffee unless you fashion a filter out of paper towels, napkins, or toilet paper.
(2) You daydream of traveling the world and taking up residence in a foreign country rather than listening to the drone of a Monday morning meeting at work
(3) Deciding not to pick up the telephone when your mother-in-law's phone number shows in the caller ID
(4) A bodyguard hired to protect attractive young men or women who make a living being photographed.




Wonderful! I don't think that question was on my exam, but there does seem to be a random selection used. I agree with your suggested solution too - excellent!! :)


Actually there was a 5th description to make it a little more difficult to do the matching. It was:

(5) This isn't out-of-the-box functionality. You need the SDK.


Remembered a few more -

Which is the most widely used Studio?

A) Report Studio
B) Universal Studio
C) Query Studio
D) Analysis Studio
E) Metric Studio

Obviously, the answer is B

Why is Cognos the most robust product in the BI industry?

A) It can meet every company's requirement
B) It runs faster than an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
C) It works even in category 7 hurricane or a 8.0 earthquake
D) It always shows an attractive data regardless of what the data is in the database 
E) It was tested vigorously by Sylvestor Stallone

Answer - E


One More, but this one was a Framework question to test the backend familiarity of the candidate -

Which of the following statements is true? Pl. support your answer with the reason given in the 2nd part.

A) A field is an object inside a table
B) A table is an object inside a field
C) Both are objects within each other
D) None of them are objects in the database
E) The question is wrong

Reasons -

A) That's just how databases are designed
B) A field can be the size of a football field and cognos consultants put tables inside the field to have their lunch
C) Field and tables are real estate and furniture items and have nothing to do with Cognos
D) If you don't know the answer yourself, how can you test others?
E) A database contains data, not fields and tables.

The answer in both cases is B.


I knew I got that one wrong!! I picked E and C !!!  :o


Yeah, the answers are tricky just like in GMAT. One is correct and another one 'looks' correct . That's what makes the exam harder. That's a tip for all newbies trying to get certified. Always pick the answer that does 'not look' correct.  In fact, pick the one that looks wrong. You will have better chances of getting certified !




I am going to make the c612 Certification next week, and i already have learned the important stuff...

Q: In Report Studio, an author creates a report using package A. Users should be able to drill though to target report. What must the author do?

a) Add drill-trhough definitions
b) Everybody carries his own package
c) Drill it baby, drill it
d) wtf are u talkin 'bout?

Q: In RS, how do u get third measure dimension into a chart?

a) Use Area Chart
b) Use Bubble Chart
c) Buy a 3d Monitor
d) again, WTF are u talking about?!

Preparation is everything  ;D


Hi, i want to take up Cog-612 exam.
Has anyone taken it up recently??
If u have, Please send me the dumps to I am blatantly trying to cheat on my Cognos certification exams. I  must be mad to think I could post this onto a Cognos forum and get away with it. I'm sorry to see I have now been banned. Don't be like me, kiddies. Study hard, get experience and pass your exams without cheating.

Is it difficult to pass the exam??

Thanks in advance.



Out of curiosity before you posted did you actually read this thread and get the gist of what it was trying to say?


 ;D best admin-edit EVER!
was laughin tears...
but to be serious...i did the cog612...it is not that hard to master, all you need to do is practise...do the examples of the courses (i did the online version self study j158/159) and you should be prepared.
Also, you can find some example questions and what are the main topics online on the ibm sites...

if i remember correctly:
create reports 7 questions
Focus reports = 6 quewstions
Enhance reports 22 questions
Create reports usoing query model = 9 questions
setup burinst 3 questions
event studio 3 questions.

total = 50 quesitons, you need at least 37 correct (74 %), time 1 hour.

Good luck, cheerz :p


Nobody ever told me moderation shouldn't be fun :)


This is classic, and thanks to all who participated!  I'm actually considering some career development on the BI-side of the house, as I have been predominantly on the Planning side.  The title of this thread caught my attention for that reason.  It was a worthy distraction for a few minutes...thanks for all the great questions, complete with answers and everything!   ;)


This is the Best Tread couldn't stop laughing.  Universal Studio... Classic ;D