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Data Mining and Cognos

Started by barrysaab, 21 Aug 2012 12:36:40 AM

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I have been asked  in Cognos interview whether i have been involved in Data mining.As for my limited knowlege Cognos doesn't  have data mining ability.what should have been my answer.Thanks
Boy! Cognos getting on to me!!!


Data-mining would be a matter of even more specialized tools, but with SPSS you may be in the right corner. Both Cognos and SPSS are now IBM solutions, so perhaps the notion may be explained in this fashion?


Boy! Cognos getting on to me!!!


Yep - SPSS is the IBM Business Analytics data mining tool. It's not Cognos per se, but it is a key part of IBM's Business Analytics capabilities, and SPSS Modeler has integration with Cognos BI.