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About the procedure for moving the code from one stage to another

Started by priyanka, 14 Oct 2015 05:10:29 AM

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I got one task from client .they told to create new reports. For that purpose I used one table from package in framework manager.But when I asked to oracle DBA as oracle is our backend they told that that table is not in their database.So do I need to tell to DBA to create new table.And also I have to tell to cognos administrator to move the code from one stage to another.So do I need to tell to the cognos administrator to move both reports and package.Please tell me the procedure.Its very urgent.


If you got a career opportunity in a company without attending the basic courses then I would suggest you should go thru the user guides which comes with the software and also available from IBM. You have to understand how different components of Cognos talk to each other and what is the significance of each.