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Customize Cognos Analytics with an Extension

Started by Eric.Pleiss, 24 Aug 2017 10:01:19 AM

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Did you know you can customize the IBM Cognos Analytics experience to fit your specific business needs with a Cognos extension.  Check out what we're doing with extensions over at Tech Data BSP Software.

IBM Cognos Analytics brings a whole new API for extending and customizing Cognos. With the new IBM Cognos Analytics Extensions Framework users can customize the theme of the portal, show or hide functionality and integrate dashboards, portals or self service tools directly into Cognos. Not only can customers create their own perspectives to host in the portal, but they can also modify existing perspectives, such as the Authoring tool. At Tech Data, we've worked directly with the IBM development teams to fully adopt this new extension framework and we've completely rewritten the entire User Interface of our popular Integrated Control Suiteâ„¢ product as an IBM Cognos Analytics extension. 

We want you to try it out for yourself!



There is reference to a video but I don't see a link for it. Am I just blind today?


Not only no hyperlink from the article.  I also can't find anything interesting when I search YouTube for BSP Cognos Extension.  Cart < Horse?


The video is available at http://www.bspsoftware.com/products/metamanager/free/extensions/

The video was previously hosted on YouTube and is now hosted internally, sorry for any confusion.