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Author Topic: Multiple Occurences of same field - not showing up the field name  (Read 2856 times)


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I have a report with a field: Broker Name
It has multiple occurences in the report e.g.

Broker ID Broker Name Amount Date

2                 John        332          5/5

2                                  125          6 /5

3                  Mike          323           4/3

3                                   112          5/4

3                                  352           6/2

Problem is the broker name just shows up for 1st record and does not show up for other records or occurences
any solution for this?

This is a query studio report


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Is the broker name showing up in all cases, if you run the list as "tabular data"? if so than your problem resides in the cognos-part of your setup.
Did you group the list in your report by broker name?

Setup a new report, with a new small list and try to reproduce the "missing" fields.