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The doc of "import specifications" isn't rich with examples or explanations.

Started by NaVal, 23 Nov 2010 01:22:39 AM

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Greetings to you, more experienced colleagues!

Now I am in hard-working process of Cognos Controller implementation in Kiev, Ukraine (Eastern Europe), started from 04 oct 2010.
At this point we have CC-server, that is working in LAN of our customer.

All process is working well, but I have a few troubles, that begin to pose a threat to the implementation of the project. The most hot trouble - is to setting up the process of data import via staging tables. The simple case of data import (without any operation) was successful.

But, I have need to change some data (f.e. account code). My continuous attempts was not successful, because of understanding lack in application of operation in import specification.

Last result is:
I have the import specification, named "XSTAGEFACTS03".
I set (on Fields(1) tab) the field ACCOUNT to use existed operation _ACCOUNTS1.
Operation _ACCOUNTS1 have 2 chain-rows
  first - GetItem (with and/or without any kind of optioanal arguments).
  second - LOOKUP (with existed table LOOKUP01 and 'ON NO MATCH EXCLUDED' as argument).

This described example still not working, for my very sorry. The question IS -
1. How to use operations in import specification?
2. Where can I find more intelligibly document, that describe this situation?

Thank you!



"Import specifications" is the dark art of Controller, and only a few people understand it and like to ensure that it remains that way so they can make $s. The Controller Administrator course doesn't teach it to any sufficient depth. Frankly I wouldn't use it other than to use simple lookup tables, and prefer to do my data transformation using TM1's TI.


Import specifications are extremely useful as they keep control of the Controller application inside finance. In my opinion, as soon as you start performing ETL at the front end, control passes to IT. There is a place for both and design should be carefully considered.

There is not alot of information about Import Specification design although IBM do run a Module 4 training on this. In essence, basic Import Specifications are simple to build and maintain.

The operation you are performing is fairly straight forward. If you are still having problems let me know and I will see if I can help.